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What we do


Set your activity on Auto-pilot. We get to work liking content posted by people you are interested in.


Get even more attention by following targeted accounts, who will check out your profile and follow back if they are interested.

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Choose to unfollow accounts after a set period of time.


Leaving auto comments on targeted Instagram posts is a sure way to attract potential followers to your profile.


InstaManager Package Includes

  • Instagram Automation
  • Audience Targeting
  • Auto Activity
  • Stop Words Filter
  • Auto Unfollow
  • Smart Hashtags Tool
  • 100% Safe
  • Generic Comments
  • Easy to Use
  • Premium Support

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Yes. The program imitates human activity and does not exceed the Instagram limit on follow/likes/comments thanks to special filters that ensure the program works safely.

No. Because the program works on your PC with your Mobile phone to create auto activity 24/7, it will access to your account from your mobile phone.

Yes, of course! While the software stops or from another device in the background, you can still use your Instagram page in the usual way – feed regularly, communicate with your followers and other users, respond to direct messages, watch videos etc. The program will increase your account activities.

The program delivers an organic increase in followers. Depending on the type of business, and your content this increase is estimated at 600-1200 new followers per month.

Our service uses PayPal and Stripe to process payments.

Once you start working with InstaManager, you will notice a significant activity increase on your page. This includes auto-comments on other users’ posts, likes of others’ photos, and your account will start following other users. You will also receive frequent replies to your auto-comments, and it’s then totally up to you to maintain a conversation with your new followers. Be mindful that some posts liked by InstaManager may not always represent your personal preference. For instance, if you have provided the hashtag #fashion, your account will start liking pictures of shoes, handbags and anything else related to the hashtag. You can always edit your hashtags to create a more personal approach, ie. #Leather_fashion, #high_end_fashion etc. In order to keep your account clean of unwanted followers, we have created the Unfollow and Stop Words feature which allows you to isolate unwanted followers.

At least one post in 2-3 day is highly recommended. It will help you to engage with your audience and keep them updated with your services while InstaManager works on getting new followers to your account.

Yes! InstaManager uses a simple software that provides to alghorithm enough information so that we software create a unique setting just for your account. You just need to fill in the required forms press run and get ready for the results!

Let’s answer like this: how would you like to spend your day if you had more time off? How much time do you spend searching for and targeting your audience, competitors and their followers? How long does it take to find users that like you, like their new posts, follow them back AND on top of that keep your account active? We know: it’s very time consuming, not even taking in consideration how much time and energy you take away from your core business. What if this entire process could be done automatically – even when you’re sleeping? How much value could you add to your business if you didn’t have to spend time doing all of this by yourself? InstaManager tools helps you keep your business visible 24/7.

Instagram has been recognised as one of the most powerful tools out there for the promotion of brands, services and goods. And now you can use InstaManager to maximise your Social Media experience and deliver the very best results possible.


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