Ultimate Instagram Growth

Using Instagram automation, you can take your account to new heights in no time. 

How can InstaManager increase your followers and popularity?

You can forget your worries on how to build up your influencer IG account if you follow these simple steps:

  • Registration with InstaManager
  • Selection of your Target Audience
  • Generation of Auto Activity 24/7
  • Gaining of New Followers from your Target Audience

InstaManager works to build your target audience by 1000+ new Instagram followers per month using a predictable, automatic system instead of your manual, repetitive and time consuming processes.

After registration, we ask you to fill in the form where you tell us about your business, location and the target audience that you would like to attract to your account. We also ask you to provide us with names of accounts that are similar to yours. As a business owner, you know your target audience and your competitors best, but if you struggle to select hashtags we can help to pick out the right ones for you based on your business description. We analyse the nature of your business and, on the basis of this analysis, select your target audience. This is a comprehensive process which includes the selection of an audience with similar interests in desired locations. We also analyse your competitors and select their followers.

You will have the option to customise the comments that the program will use. Alternatively, you can use our Generic Comments.

After the target audience is determined, InstaManager starts creating auto activity 24/7.

The program perfectly imitates human activity in order to attract your target audience – in fact, it performs all the actions that you would perform to attract someone. It follows them, likes and comments on their posts, follows back, etc. In other words, the program carries out non-stop activities that attract the target audience to your page. You gain followers who are actually interested in your business and genuinely like your posts. You can then convert these highly targeted users into real customers!

InstaManager delivers an organic increase in followers estimated at 600-1200 new followers per month, depending on the type of business.

For best results, we do recommend that you feed at least once in 3-4 days to keep your followers involved and updated about your services. As an additional bonus, we analyse the description and hashtags of your posts and, if required, recommend improvements.

Important:  Before we activate your InstaManager subscription your Instagram page will be reviewed by our customer support staff. We will assess your page for compliance with our terms of use. If your content includes violence/ pornography/drugs or other inappropriate posts we will decline your application, all communications generated by InstaManager will be deleted and your subscription including any free trail will be cancelled. We don’t support any of above mentioned activities. Due to high demand for our service and a backlog of applications please don’t waste your time or ours if your Instagram account does not meet these requirements.

– Country/ Region section:

Select your country from the drop-down menu. If you can’t find your country in the list, please select your country’s region instead.

-Business description section:

Describe the nature of your account here. Eg: wedding photography, local fine arts shop, artist etc.

-Hashtags section (your target audience) & Smart Hashtags Tool:

Use  hashtags to select and target your audience. InstaManager’s  algorithm picks up posts based on hashtags in description only, it does not analyse the picture itself.  Example:

 #nature #travel #sky #clouds

If one of your hashtags is #nature, then this post will be liked/commented/followed by the program based on hashtag matching.

We recommend you chose hashtags which represent your target audience. Select your target audience by using our SmartHashtags tool.

SmartHashtags allows you to search for the most popular and relevant hashtags in your niche. Simply type in one of your #tags in the search field and click Search. You will see a list of the most relevant and popular #tags. Add at least 20 #tags that suit you the most to trial. If you are not happy with how they work for you, simply adjust your hashtag filter by choosing alternate tags.

Amend as often as needed to refine your follower acquisition. Remember to click Save after each amendment.

Stop words section (unwanted content):

Use Stop (don’t like/comment/follow) words to avoid unwanted engagement. Our algorithm automatically skips the posts which include stop words in the description.


#nature #travel #sky #clouds

If one of your stop words is clouds then the algorithm will skip this post, even if other hashtag in this description match your target hashtag (#nature).  The algorithm priority is to detect and avoid stop words.

Our default stop words list contains pornography/violence/drugs related content. We recommend you to build up your own list of stop words. You can add all stop words at once or add them one by one, observing what you wish to avoid over the time.

 Accounts with similar content section:

Use this section to target the followers of your competitors or accounts with similar content.  Create a list of accounts from whom you wish to attract [their] followers to your account. Again, edit as needed to refine your target followers.  Click Save after each amendment.

Auto-comments section & Generic Comments tool:

Use this filter to customize the auto comments which InstaManager uses for commenting other’s posts.

We recommend our clients use neutral comments to avoid confusion. Comments such as “I like your content! It’s amazing!” or “Really love your page! Nice pictures!” suit most posts and encourage people to engage with you at the same time. You might also like to use emojis as well.  Use InstaManager’s Generic Comments as provided in our setup example or create your own – at least 5-7 comments.

Comments can be changed, edited or updated as often as needed to refine your targeted followers list.  Remember to click Save after each amendment.

-Unfollow section

Select the Unfollow option that suits you best:

Unfollow those who have been followed by InstaManager.

Unfollow non active.

Unfollow all.

Verification code section:

In some cases, Instagram may ask you to verify your account for security reasons. If you see the notification: “Enter the 6-digit code we sent to your email address/ phone”, please access your email/ phone, copy the code and paste it into the Verification Code field. It may take you a few minutes to receive the code.

Click Save and wait for the “login successful” message.