The information below explains InstaManager’s algorithm and how to adjust your filters to maximize your experience with InstaManager.

  1. The program works in a cycle:
  1. Adjusting your filters:

Use  hashtags to select and target your audience. InstagManager’s  algorithm picks up posts based on hashtags in description only, it does not analyse the picture itself.




#nature #travel #sky #clouds


If one of your hashtags is #nature, then this post will be liked/commented/followed by the program based on hashtag matching.

We recommend you chose hashtags which represent your target audience. Pick up at least 7-10 hashtags to trial. If you are not happy with how they work for you, simply adjust your hashtag filter by choosing alternate tags.

Amend as often as needed to refine your follower acquisition. Remember to click Save after each amendment.


Use don’t like/comment/follow hashtags to avoid unwanted engagement. Our algorithm automatically skips the posts which include stop hashtags in the description.




#nature #travel #sky #clouds


If one of your stop hastags is #clouds then the algorithm will skip this post, even if other hashtag in this description match your target hashtag (#nature).  The algorithm priority is to detect and avoid stop hashtags.

Our default stop hashtags list contains nudity/violence/drugs related hashtags. We recommend you to build up your own list of stop hashtags. You can add all stop hashtags at once or add them one by one, observing what you wish to avoid over the time.

Use this filter to customize the auto comments which InstaManager uses for commenting other’s posts.

We recommend our clients use neutral comments to avoid confusion. Comments such as “I like it” or “Really nice” suit most pictures and encourage people to engage with you at the same time. You  might also like to use emojis as well.  Use InstaManager’s generic comments as provided in our setup example or create your own.  Comments can be changed, edited or updated as often as needed to refine your targeted followers list.  Remember to click Save after each amendment.

Use this section to target the followers of your competitors or accounts with similar content.  Create a list of accounts from whom you wish to attract [their] followers to your account. Again, edit as needed to refine your target followers.  Click Save after each amendment.


Be mindful that some posts liked by InstaManager may not always represent your personal preference, gaining social proof is a numbers game!  Hence the importance of adjusting your filter preferences to reach your target audience and continuing to modify according to your follower acquisition plan. 

We hope you enjoy your experience with InstaManager and welcome your feedback following you trial period 😊